The Man from Everywhere Wide Release!

Announcing the wide release of The Man from Everywhere! DVDs and Blu Rays available for purchase, to order email us at

Starring Terah Jené Yolanda Roger Anthony Mapes and Buck Biestek, this short film is about a young woman who buys lunch for a homeless man on a park bench, hoping to brighten his day. Yet during the course of their surprising conversation, it is her life that is forever transformed.

Directed by Christina Stone
Written by Jason Allen
Produced by Rob Stone & Jason Allen
Director of Photography & Colorist Andrew Abballe
Music by Aaron Guerrero
Assistant Director & Editor Rob Stone
Music Supervisor Stephen Guerrero
Assistant Camera William Seife
Sound Mixers Joshua Pioccone & Benjamin Chesneau
Grip Levi Quasi Connor & Zeph Matthews
Production Assistants Lera Vital & Kenny Cheng
Key Makeup Artists Heather Ann Slawski
Associate Producer Christopher Johnson
Portrait Artist Nicole Wooten
Sketchbook Artist Anne Jones
Extras Jovan Brown, Herman Roper, Jason Rule, Kelly O’Donnell, Lera Vital, Rachel Jarvis, Andrew-Luke Singh

Common Ground Released!

The first five chapters of Common Ground are available to watch on Vimeo!

Christina makes her official debut as a documentary filmmaker with the release of her student film, Common Ground, a feature-length documentary about climate change. This film takes a look at climate change communication and brings up some tough questions about how the field is approaching communication.

This film is comprised of three chapters, with the final chapter still in production. We are seeking feedback from the environment and science communities, collecting suggestions, questions, and concerns to continue improving the film while the final chapter is in production. Critical feedback is welcomed – please be respectful and courteous.

This release also serves as a Proof of Concept; we are looking for investors and production companies interested in preparing Common Ground for official international distribution.


Killing Time heads to Georgia


Killing Time has been officially selected to be in the 2017 Milledgevile Film Festival!

We’ve been consistently entering Killing Time and The Man From Everywhere into the film festival circuit, and although TMFE was not accepted, we couldn’t be happier for Killing Time and the cast and crew who put so much time and effort into the film.

Killing Time was produced, directed and edited by Rob, and Christina served as the assistant director and production designer.

Congrats to our cast:

Paul Hinkes as John
Buck Biestek as Frank
Kelly Higgins as Kelsey

And our crew:

Philip Kim – Writer
Trevor Pekham – Director of Photography
Martin Buckley – Assistant Camera
Josh Pioccone – Sound Technician
Nathaniel Buechler – Production Assistant
Heather Slawski – Hair and Makeup
Chris Johnson – Associate Producer
Virushaan Sritharan – Composer

We will keep you updated if anyone from the cast or crew will be headed to the festival in April 26-30