Idealist Productions Consulting

myfaveditedChristina Stone offers communication consulting services for organizations and professionals seeking to refine, adapt, improve, or replace their communication strategies. Her expertise in environmental communication and stakeholder engagement is particularly useful for environmental projects or organizations as well as for companies seeking to branch into sustainable production or environmentally-conscious operations.

Christina is especially interested in working with companies in the fossil fuel industry and with people and organizations who support conservative policies. She is a strong proponent of collaborative solutions that are based on mutual respect and appreciation for diverse perspectives – especially when those perspectives typically clash.


Her services are available for projects ranging from one-time consultations to designing communication strategies for entire organizations. Her strategic communications plan will:

  • Focus on balancing the needs of stakeholders and shareholders with the goals of the project or organization, while taking into account financial, social, and environmental bottom lines and brand/image management.
  • Assess target audiences and media resources available and design a comprehensive communication strategy that is clear, concise, adaptable for different audiences and communication tools, for example: social media, hard-copy print media, video production/distribution, and conferences.
  • Identify opportunities to use the combined professional networks of the project team (including her own) to reach a wider audience and attract potential supporters and investors.
  • Utilize techniques from marketing and social science to increase the effectiveness and persuasiveness of the communications strategy.
  • Incorporate the three major mediums of communication: writing, speaking and video production.

Christina also will make available her expertise in writing and public speaking, and will offer the video production services of Idealist Productions to all clients.